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What we are all about

 Red Hippo is a Barossa based marketing and digital consulting agency committed to helping businesses with their digital strategy, multi-channel marketing, eCommerce, training and development, social media, email marketing, and their website. We tailor solutions to your business needs and can be as hands-on – or hands-off – as your business needs.

Whether you are after an in-depth multi-channel marketing strategy, need a website health check, want to improve your email marketing, or just understand how your business can benefit from digital, Red Hippo is here to help.

We get out of bed because we want to inspire change so that businesses can transform to reach their full potential.

Our values include:

  • Integrity
  • Purpose
  • Action
  • Strategy
  • Transformation

Hey there, I'm Amber

Amber Rushton owns the ever-thinking, always-learning, somewhat nerdy brain behind Red Hippo; we guess that makes her the creator and founder!

She’s an absolute whiz at helping business owners find, connect, and create lasting relationships with their ideal clients through smart strategic planning and easy implementation. Helping small businesses achieve their marketing goals with confidence and ease by creating clear, actionable, and easy-to-follow strategies is her jam.

With degrees in marketing and public relations, and a post-grad in digital marketing, Amber boasts an impressive technical skillset that can help business owners realise what’s possible and reach their full potential. Her years of experience working with some of Australia’s best-known brands (think Lorna Jane, JAG, Barbeques Galore, and the like) have given her the ability to take that technical know-how and turn it into accessible wisdom for those who don’t *quite* geek out as much as she does when it comes to all this marketing stuff (… weirdos). This reflects her firm belief that great social media content shouldn’t be accessible only to the big players with their hefty budgets, but to all businesses, regardless of size.

Another firm belief held by Amber is that she should never, ever, EVER be made to cook anything other than melted cheese on toast. She hates cooking with a passion, so the only time you’ll ever find her in the kitchen is when she’s raiding her secret stash of chocolate (shh! Don’t tell her kids!). Where you will find her – when she’s not at her desk – is playing in the backyard with her two gorgeous (but headstrong) girls, or enjoying a Netflix binge with her husband – with a cat staking its claim on each of their laps. Outside of work and family, community is Amber’s other great love, so when she’s not helping her clients to grow their businesses through clever marketing strategies or spending time with her loved ones, she’ll just be over there, working with one of the local NFPs where she volunteers her time.


Ishtar Dawe Red Hippo Customer Experience Manager


Meet Ishtar...

Meet Ishtar Dawe// The newest member of our team!⁣

Ishtar is working with @redhippoau and our sister brand @kickstartyourmarketing and we are so excited to have this customer service superstar join us.

Ishtar is the social butterfly and information hub behind the hello inbox. As the customer service superstar of Red Hippo, Ishtar is always ready to help answer your queries, questions, and coordinate your new service with us.

Since March 2012 Ishtar has had to live with a disability that dramatically changed the course of her life. Through all the trials, tribulations, and multiple attempts at relearning how to walk, Ishtar has come out the other side a stronger, kinder, and even more helpful person than she ever was before. She knows what it’s like to feel stuck and like you can’t make any progress, which is why she will always do her best to make sure clients will never feel that way with us. 

There are a few core beliefs held deep in her heart, like the wise old mantra “if you can be anything, be kind”, “do good, recklessly”, and “accessibility is a right, not a privilege”. A pet project that Ishtar brings to Red Hippo is her goal to make our services accessible to all people regardless of ability. She brings a focus to the disability community that sets us apart from the rest.

In her spare time, Ishtar is also an official cosplay medic (you might spot her on the convention circuit), a mermaid, a twitch streamer, and a trained HEMA swords(wo)man. She follows her passions no matter how eclectic and varied they may be. With approximate knowledge of many things, Ishtar is always happy to learn something new.

Our favourite things


FAVOURITE GROUP: Queen (and Amber has a soft spot for her 90s playlist)

FAVOURITE COCKTAIL: Espresso Martini for Amber, and a Mocktail for Ishtar!

FAVOURITE PET: Cats & Chickens


FAVOURITE FOOD: Chocolate for Amber and Strawberries & Broccoli *but never together* for Ishtar

GUILTY PLEASURE: Binging streaming shows


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Our range of packages focuses on your goals and delivers you social media content, blogs, and emails, which helps to transform your content strategy and take the pressure off!

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It all starts with your goals. Whether you need a once-off strategy or ongoing marketing support, Red Hippo is here to help,

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