With the launch of Instagram Stories, a 24hours story platform similar to Snapchat, many marketers and clients are asking if this is the death of Snapchat.

How Important Are Filters?

The most loved feature of Snapchat stories is their filters, which change regularly. These quirky filters that overlay your face allow you to send humorous or sexy selfies to your friends and transform yourself into bees, bunnies, rockstars, zombies or even swap your face with a cat.
Can you even imagine any of Kardashians without their butterflies floating around their head?
Instagram stories  lacks the quality of Snapchat Stories. They aren’t as much fun, don’t have stickers, but at least it is possible to do text and illustration overlays

Easy To Use

However, a great feature of Instagram stories is the ease of use, especially for the time-poor. Most marketers and business owners barely have enough time to update one social media account, let alone 2 or 3 different ones. This is where Instagram stories has an advantage. It has the instantaneous and timely aspect of Snapchat, without having to do any more work.

Growing Visibility & Followers

The best things about Instagram Stories is that it increases your visibility for your followers. Situated at the top of the screen, your stories are on show and not buried in the feed somewhere. This could change at any moment (as Instagram loves to change the algorithm on what posts show in what order) but for the moment, if you use stories, you have prime position on your followers page. This alone is enough reason to get on the Instagram stories bandwagon.

So all in all, is Snapchat dead?
The short answer is not yet – so don’t go deleting your Snapchat account just yet. However, you need to watch this spaces as Instagram is backed by the juggernaut Facebook, who knows what is around the corner?
If you have any questions on how to make the most of this new feature to grow your followers, contact Amber from Buzz Consulting for a chat.