Is Twitter Still Relevant For Today’s Brands?

Twitter is a one of the original social media channels, along with myspace and facebook, where you can post or share almost anything, as long as it is 140 characters or less. However, today’s social mediais far more advanced and developed.  So the question is, is twitter still relevant for today’s brands?

Well there isn’t a straight forward answer, as depends on where you live and what product your brand is promoting. If you live outside the US or UK, there isn’t a huge call for Twitter for you brand, unless you are a celebrity, journalist, work in media or are a politician. With brands being increasingly time poor, they need to choose a channel that best delivers a ROI. Currently, Twitter in Australia only has around 3 million active monthly users, and although this may seem like a lot, it is nothing compared to Facebook (17 million), YouTube (15 million) and Instagram (5 million).

“An abandoned social media account leaves people thinking you have gone out of business.

Is Twitter Still Relevant For Today

Do I Keep My Twitter Account?

It depends if you are using it. If have a specific Twitter strategy, and produce a lot of content that you can link to, then go ahead. Or if you are in an industry where it is vital (media, journalism, PR), again, it is important. If this is not you, delete your account. Nothing looks worse for a brand than a stale social media account. It leaves people wondering if you have gone out of business.

The only exception to this rule is if you have previously spent a lot of time cultivating followers and you have have thousands of people you don’t want to delete. Even then, look at what your resources are doing and if Twitter is not bringing you any return, don’t waste time on it. Just like in retail with old stock, if you have bought a terrible product, just mark it down and get rid of it as soon as possible, rather than flogging a dead horse .

So, in short, Twitter isn’t really that relevant. If you have a brand that already has an established account, keep it going. If you have a new business or brand, leave twitter alone and focus on a social media platform that is growing and will give you a better ROI