Who is red hippo?

Let’s talk about the (red) hippo in the room – who is red hippo and what happened to Buzz Consulting?

The short answer is that we are the same business with a new fresh look and name, but still the same great service and strategy. The long answer can only be discussed over a bottle of wine or an espresso martini (and really isn’t that important anyway). However, it comes down to the fact we couldn’t fully protect our brand Buzz Consulting. Thus, we decided to take the leap of faith and change the name to a better one, sooner rather than later.

Amber Rushton - Red Hippo
who is red hippo

but why red hippo?

We wanted a brand that would have personality and be memorable. We thought of thousands of business names, but narrowed it down to a few that we really liked and then did all the boring, but necessary, checks (trademark, domain, social, business name ASIC searches etc) and kept coming back to red hippo.

We love that red hippo can grow with us to be huge, and just like hippos, we can help our clients grow to a huge scale as well. Also, we may look all cute and cuddly, but we are fiercely loyal and determined, which are values we identify with.

We also wanted to stay with red as it was a strong part of our brand that our customers identified with, and we wanted to be consistent and distinctive.

So there you go, a quick answer to why we changed our name, and an important message to everyone out there, make sure you protect your brand before you market it!